The inspiration for my glass painting stems mainly from a passion for architecture and cityscapes, with a curiosity for the inhabitants. I begin with a repertoire of photos, sketches and memories from an array of locations, and then source the appropriate  glass vessel.

The interaction of light and colour on glass helps the illusion of perspective. The magic creating captivating scenes and snapshot moments in time. 

I have three different ranges of glass. "Cities of the World" featuring the more complex depictions of recognisable destinations. 

"Far and Away" the quirky depictions of imagined or recognisable locations, often with some humour and "Sea Views"  loosely based on harbours around the world, these are often less complex.

My glass is for sale directly from me, or see the links page for galleries which have my work.

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@lindsayjanelloyd and @sukimforemo

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                                                                           Lindsay Jane Lloyd   2019


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                                          Lindsay Jane LloydTitle. Double click me.

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